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A Pollack
Adele Clarke & Allan Regenstreif
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Allen Fry & Jennifer Brokaw
Alma Philanthropy Fund

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David Chui Wong
David Eisner
David Gallagher
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David Manley
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Deada & Henry Mally
Deborah Sohr
Deborah and Gerald Van Atta
Deborah Van Patton
Dr. Hilarie Faberman
Ed Steinman and Wondie Russell
Edie Wade
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Elizabeth and Jean Johnson
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Eric Crawford
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Ester and Kenneth Cooperman
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G. Allan Taggert
Gabriella Galvez
Gary Moran
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Gwenn and King Rhoton
Heimbinder Foundation
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Herbert Dann and Kay Cockerill
Hilary Lamar
Holly Badgley and Peter Stern
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Isabella Badia Bellinger
Jaden Barney
Jadie Wasilco

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Janice Platt and Jeffrey Ross
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Kathryn and Benjamin Dickinson
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Katie Suter
Keenan Rice
Kellie Krug
Kenneth Manaster
Kimberly and Jens Nielsen
Kineret Stanley
Kodi Alexander Rider
Kristin Lubenow
Kristine and John Manning
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Perry and Linda Irvine
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Vidal and Elizabeth Carlin
Warren Legarie
William Dunn
William Larsen
Wolfe Family Fund

We Especially Wish to Thank
Nicholas and Leia Michele Vetter Family
Art and Dr. Jennifer Clark
Jason Douglas and Cynthia Harrell
JP Whitlock
Carolyn and Robert Hall
Sarah Harling
Kimber Lockhart
Ms. Lyn Isbell

In Memory Of
Diane and Agar Jaicks
Carl Munger

In Honor Of
Charles Dymond
Jane Proctor

All Our Volunteers and Partners
– too numerous to mention –
Lena Harris
Madeline Hung
Food Runners
Freedom from Alcohol and Drugs (FAD)
SF – Marin Food Bank
The Waller Center

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

Make a Donation to Support Your Local Sustainable Food System

Did you know that food pantries like the Haight Ashbury Food Program are part of your local sustainable food system? Pantries divert waste from landfills. Farmer’s partnerships with Food Banks across the country give them a place to donate their unsold products. It’s the perfect way to keep it local!

Merchant & Volunteer Info

The Haight Ashbury Food Program has relationships with local grocery and other stores in the area that go back decades in some cases. We assist them by diverting waste from landfills and saving them waste disposal costs. They assist us by boxing up perishable food that is still edible but has reached its shelf life, and helping us distribute it to those in need. 

Volunteers, including some from our partner Food Runners, pick up perishables like bread and fruit, and bring them to our Pantry on Saturday mornings. Like clockwork! 


During this unusual time, we ask that our volunteers delivering food to the Pantry wear gloves and masks when handling food as they bring it our way. 

If you have food you want to donate, we welcome hearing from you! Please use our volunteer form.




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