You’ll feel good when you do!

Make a Donation

The Haight Ashbury Food Program relies on generous donations from our neighbors and supporters. Every donation goes directly to the operation of our program to feed people in need.

We accept secure, online donations through Network for Good.



Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, send checks or money orders to:

Haight Ashbury Food Program
P.O. Box 170202
San Francisco, CA 94117


Employer Matching

Does your employer match your gift?

Many companies match gifts made by their employees. Check with your HR/Benefits manager to see if yours does. 

If your organization matches your gift, you are doing twice the good! 

matching dollars

Include HAFP in Your Will

If you are planning ahead, there are 4 basic ways to include a charity like HAFP in your will:

  1. A bequest through your will.
  2. Designate the charity as your life insurance beneficiary.
  3. Designate the charity as a beneficiary for your retirement accounts.
  4. Create a charitable lead or charitable remainder trust.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this option. 

legal document

501(c)(3) tax ID

For use in processing tax deductible donations, HAFP’s EIN# is 94-2970899.