Haight Ashbury Food Program

The Haight Ashbury Food Program‘s logo has stayed the same for as long as the current team can remember. These days the vintage bowl and spoon don’t match the bags of groceries we currently distribute the mission and sense of community that the logo has come to represent have stayed the same. We will be featuring the orignial stylish, friendly, solid, mismatched-yet-cohesive word-mark that we love on our new website. If you happen to be working with us to make any print materials, writing a story about The Haight Ashbury Food Program, or just intrigued to see the logo at full resolution and you are looking for the vector-based logo file—we’ve got you covered. It’s here in SVG format, EPS format, Illustrator PDF, Figma format, and a few PNG files for your convenience. Please only use the logo for non-commercial uses or fair use in publicity and education. Enjoy!

[what’s the best way to store some files on our server? …I think I need ftp access]

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