Join our friendly and compassionate community of volunteers.

Ways to volunteer at the Haight
Ashbury Food Program

Onsite Volunteering

Many hands make light work when you have hundreds of grocery bags to pack! We can almost always use willing hands on Saturdays to help. Onsite volunteering works best for those who are available 10:00 am-1:00 pm on Saturdays, and who:

  • Can lift 10-25 pounds,
  • don’t mind breaking a sweat,
  • and want to get some steps in!

We have options for lighter tasks if you are interested and adaptable.

Offsite Volunteering

We have lots of creative ways to contribute from the comfort of your home, school classroom, or workplace. To find out more about ways to help including special events, social media support, and other options, please contact us.

Volunteers at the Haight Ashbury Food Program

Volunteers assemble bags of groceries from bulk deliveries in boxes on paletts

Volunteers distribute groceries rain or shine

Sign Up for a Shift

Our Pantry Program needs volunteers every Saturday to assist us with the operation of the food pantry. Volunteers may work for one or both shifts.

If there are no open shifts for a certain date, please choose another date, as we can only accommodate a specific number of volunteers per shift.

What to Expect During a Typical Volunteer Shift
Between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, volunteers are needed to help set up the pantry. Our work during this time involves receiving and unloading food donations from volunteers who deliver them, sorting food, and packing bags for distribution. Then some volunteers distribute bags, while others help pack up, clean up the tables and racks, sweep the parking lot for trash, and we’re done. It’s a weekly marvel to behold!

Safety Precautions for Pantry Volunteers
We take the health and safety of our volunteers seriously, so we run our program to allow us sufficient space to respect social distancing. We provide gloves (we have multiple sizes), masks if you do not have your own, a bathroom including soap and hand sanitizer, water, and friendly reminders to change your gloves if you forget.

Volunteering FAQ

Can I get credit at school?
Yes. We are happy to host school volunteers seeking to fulfill their community service hours. Read our Community Service Hours section below for more information.

Can I bring my kids/students?
Yes. It works best if kids are old enough to follow simple instructions, count to 10, and are under the supervision of their parent or guardian when they volunteer. They should also be prepared in advance for what it will be like to volunteer, so they know what to expect.

Can I do something besides bag food?
Yes. We have some creative ideas for ways you can help from home, work, or school. Reach out to us using our Contact Form and let us know you are interested in volunteering. We can talk about what is more interesting to you or your group.

Do volunteers get food?
Some do. We do not require people to volunteer to get food, but some people do so as a way to say thank you. If you volunteer and need food, you only need to sign up as a pantry customer, providing basic information. You can volunteer, and take your food home with you when you leave.

Community Service Hours

Many San Francisco schools require students to complete a specific number of community service hours in order to graduate. If this applies to you, HAFP is a great place to fulfill this requirement.

It works best for us if you reach out to schedule your hours, so we know when to expect you. You can let us know what dates you would like to come in our contact form.

You will need to have your hours signed off for them to qualify. To do this, you need to bring your school or organization’s form (if they have a required format), or you can download and print a copy of our Service Hours form.